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Steel Boat Maintenance & LIVEABOARD Boat Life OLD Boat Restoration Sailing Vlog Steel Motorsailer

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Steel Boat Maintenance & LIVEABOARD Boat Life OLD Boat Restoration Sailing Vlog Steel Motorsailer

Our Trawler Living Aboard Vlog while performing Steel Boat maintenance on our Steel Motorsailer Ketch. This Sailing Vlog is our full Liveaboard Life story!

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β›΅πŸŒ’ In this Steel Boat Restoration Project Episode…

Living aboard a trawler yacht has been an amazing experience for us. Trawler living while restoring our project boat is pretty cool and from time to time we decide to take our passagemaker trawler cruising Florida Keys. Trawler life is very different from sailing and people who want to live on a trawler full time are also very special people. Our trawler boat is 1984 Jefferson Motor Yacht that we owned for more than 6 years and we were more than happy with it. Iana on the other hand wanted a boat with sails to circumnavigate the world and that’s why we bought our steel motorsailer 1985 De Vries. And now our beautiful passagemaker is amongst other passagemaker yachts for sale.

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