A Simple Trick to Help You Moor Your Boat | ? Sailing Britaly ?

A Simple Trick to Help You Moor Your Boat | ? Sailing Britaly ?

Here we show you how we use a $3 pool noodle to make mooring our boat really easy! This simple trick makes docking our boat a piece of cake… ? SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe?

How to dock a boat? This is the kind of question that is virtually impossible to answer, as there are a million variables and no two berths will be the same. Even if you ARE coming to dock in the same berth, different weather conditions may call for a completely different approach to mooring on different days… This simple trick is just one more small piece of knowledge that can commit to memory and even if it’s not relevent to you right now, may help you easily and safely moor your boat at some point in the future.

? Sailing Britaly ? brings you the sailing shenanigans of Chris (British) and Rossella (Italian), as we sail our 30ft sloop. We make sailing vlogs of our cruising adventures and share any tips and tricks we can along the way. After all, sailors are one big family!

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Fair winds! ?
Chris and Rossella

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