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do you wanna say I wanna say Miami Boat Show yes the world-famous Miami International Boat Show and seeing as how we'd never been and we just visited a hunter 466 in Fort Lauderdale we couldn't think of a better way to spend the rest of our day than looking at a bunch of boats we couldn't possibly afford can we kick things off with what turned out to be some of our favorites would you know or lady rice is this while a lot of the newer boats seem to share a very similar style we just really particularly like the wood tones and overall design of the interiors of the Geno's I'm pretty excited these pretty adequate pedram while she's upstairs this oh where is my daughter no this is all the way across and it's hydraulic for which is pretty tense go next was the Hylas 48 center cockpit for the tidy sum of eight hundred and forty five thousand dollars while the craftsmanship materials and build of the Hylas are undoubtedly top-notch understatement of the day we found that we just really weren't into the layout of a centered cockpit boat works great for a ton of people just doesn't use the space the way we would like it to oh yeah and it's roughly $700,000 outside our budget can you guys go through it again I complain he had different she's this is a overwhelming boat show right here yeah that's what a Marlo carpet looks like sadly the last we'd heard Marlo had put the hunter factory in Florida up for sale not sure what that means for hunter sailboats next up was the line of bennetto's all beautiful one of which may have been the most expensive though we went on at the entire show $2,300 with that we were sitting on this Alexei's has built-in mats up here already these steps it's hard to find too many faults in a 14 million dollar boat however with regard to their lesser votes that were priced within range of some mere mortals we kind of thought their sibling votes bide you know one of those points that's huge that's so cool you can just fold everything down covers over that's just counters this man just like should I just look good follow my ass all right this is a pretty good-sized bedroom for me I think Lauren might have sleep someplace else but this Varitek and of course we did have to go check out a couple cats just to satisfy our curiosity we've actually sailed and visited quite a few really nice catamarans and have always just preferred monohull sailing traits that said they're really comfy like with a home right okay there's like a wing the west wing in the East Wing Bennett noise way let it get confusing are you in the East Wing I was last night we turn around 100 sure we're allowed about we're on the intranet category we just walked on a gangplank we just did it they're sitting back there and they didn't yell at us so this is a 51 the Vagabond I believe some 45 we did tour the inside as well but the owner was right there with us and we didn't want to be those people phors I've been looking forward to seeing these as I was expecting the divorce were really sharp and pretty reasonably priced relatively speaking mostly how hot teak decks are flush draw a little it's not like well the hottest and sure are pretty ugly I thought the new pores had a very racy sexy look about them on the outside and on the inside they were really comfortable and very sensibly laid out 56 for Cap'n that's pretty rivers babe we'll let him sleep inside take three let me a roll wait flattery like it froze up on that drum then like a single layer yeah we actually preferred the layout of the do 446 to the 56 sometimes it feels like designers just don't know what to do with all the extra space in a bigger boat so they kind of try to get too cute with it 56 so we left the Miami Boat Show with our palates cleanse by all the glitz and glamour and feel and ready to start wrapping up our real search join us next week as we visit three more votes and make an offer on one as always thanks for watching and don't forget to Like and subscribe Cheers see the common any wonder how he made it this far as he seizes that in you wonder how even made it this far

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