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Miami Boat Show Walk Through – Should I Order One?!

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What's going on guys, captain mike here with ReelReportscom and today I'm going to the Miami Boat Show

I've been waiting a long time to go to the boat show, not really to purchase a boat, but I want to get ideas for my next boat build which I'll announce pretty soon I want to look at colors, I want to look at the latest electronics from Garmin, they got a new 8600 series in 16 inches, I want to play with it a little bit I wan to look at the latest from Yamaha, Suzuki and also all the small fishing manufacturers that are going to be there I reached out to a few people on instagram I'm going to check all products, take you guys there with me, I got Valerie here with me today and we're gonna go check out the boat show so here we go

No traffic so far, we are boogying down there, let's see what happens when we hit Rickenbacker Causeway I have a feeling it's waiting for us down there, but we're cool, we got time Excited to go check out the show A little Valentine's Day Gift here for Valerie, Taking her to the Boat Show I used to come to this boat show solely for Contender Boats, SeaVee came up in my list, but I still love Contender's, they're hardcore fishing machines, they don't have all the fluff, so let's go see what they look like in 2019

Love your show man What's up man? This is my camera here today I appreciate that Now this is a boat, Contender is has always made the hardest hardcore fishing machines out there and this thing is beautiful Well now they got step hulls and I really like the old school 31 at like 2002 -2004 range, there was Gavett in Haulover that has one, a yellow one

This is a gorgeous boat, so let's take a look at this one and see what else they got I came to the boat show today to check out all the new colors, the new electronics and this one right here, the first one I'm going to check out is the Contender right here in Whisper Grey, it's got navy blue lettering, and it looks like it's white powder coated Let's check that one out Wow, this is the 30 Step I really like that they got the white rubrail with the grey insert, whisper grey hull and dark grey here and they got the dark grey on the t-top

That is pretty awesome How you doing man? How you doing, Good I'm stealing ideas here Dude, Contender are the one's that invented the wheel The color schemes are always perfect

What's up dudes? I sport the Scales Gear in all my videos Nice to meet you guys You guys got a trolling motor Is that the Rhodan, that 80 incher or a different one? I think it's a 10 foot Is this kind of like a hybrid? If you want to get on and take as much video as you want

OK Are you guys going to take a ride? Ya, if you want sign up with Mercury and I'll take you for a ride Sea Hunter, Floridian, that's it 4:00 Then go ahead and press "I agree"

You're all set, so it will send you a text and an email and you can just go wait by the boat Awesome! Thank You You're welcome Ya, we're good Let me put this on This is a nice life jacket Makes us look like pro-staff

So we're out here on the Sea Hunter 28 Floridian, I saw this thing like 3 years ago here at the boat show and was like, Man That's a good idea It's very similar to what I have but bigger and twin motors, trolling motor, basically a real bay boat Not these other crappy bay boats that call themselves "bay boats" This is a legit bay boat because it get's rough in bay So this is pretty cool You got plenty of livewell space, are there more than these 2? Yes we have one up in the bow

Those are the new mercs These have the assisted steering right? Alright so we're out here on the Sea Hunter with Chris and we just did 60mph This thing freakin moves! You can see those mercs back there Selfie Mode, You made the video dude Ok this is the 29

I'm on board the 29 SeaVee, I've been looking at this boat for over 5 years Everytime I come here, I absolutely drool over this thing It's the perfect size for me I can see it's got the new mercs on it It's the perfect boat, it's got the Key West Style Hard Top plenty of bait well, just an awesome boat Look how wide it is compared to my boat

All this room in the bow I gotta show you guys the baitwells "Es como la piscina alli" Look at the baitwells on here Look at that thing huh

Hi, I want to talk to a sale guy Which state are you from? Florida And you do your boating where? Miami Which boat are you interested in? The 29 When your running quick, you want a high speed pickup on that

Your electronics total is about $17k The boat show discount is $10k Your total is $216k So that is the best price you guys can do on this? If you're ready to do something, we'll talk to Ariel, which is the owner, but that's pretty much it, normally we don't offer than $10k off If you were buy this at the factory, you would not see the $10k off You do get 5 year warranty, standard, you can add an additional 3

Awesome Ya man, I love it It's exactly what I've been wanting, the 29 SeaVee Went through the complete pricing, all the options and I look forward to one day doing business with you guys, maybe sooner than later I appreciate your time and I'll keep you guys posted

Is this your boat, yes I just priced out the 29 SeaVee That was the owner that just left Oh really, I didn't notice That's the 3 pump

That's what I think all the competition's have in the pictures I sent you Can we open up the bilge? Yep, sure Wow, look at that That's what up, it's all about the bait! There you go, bait lives matter So now, if you ever have a pump go down, boom, doesn't matter, you got your backup

And it's clean Wow, look how clean this box is That's cool Careful, don't scare them That's Fred, Phil

Poor guys are going to be dangling on your kite rod pretty soon They been in there since yesterday Everybody wants to know where you got the pilchards? They were out off the channel in government Alright guys, so that was the Miami Boat Show I got a chance to check out Contender, SeaVee, I even priced out the 29 SeaVee over here and that boat is absolutely bada** and everything I want in a boat

Unfortunately,I do have a little bit of marina issues, I have a low tide issue at my marina, but that boat is awesome I feel like I can still tarpon fish, inshore, but still have a ton of boat offshore Perfect boat for me, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video, this is Captain Mike with ReelReportscom Tight Lines

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