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IM ON A BOAT miami crab fishin for that booty (FIRST TIME doing lip fillers)

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Is it a cockroach? It's me we love you miami! ok bonjour hello hello hello listen out I'm going to tell you a secret every try to guess what you are doing I am saying I will DARE you I am so shameless the other day record a rap I do not remember how it goes but we must listen to it oh I remember a little oh god that exists I'll do as if this was a job interview you are amanda busta- If I am Amanda Bustamante, it's good to meet you then amanda that – I like to make videos on YouTube look now I am oh no the sun it looks a little cool oh sure not a beautiful day here with my boys departing by boat "this is crazy" (nothing is very crazy here) this is the not the famous merenguea the culiquitacati a little it's good she keeps throwing pictures with a f ** ipad that's comic

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