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what's up everybody we are at another invasion this time coming to you from Miami we are now heading to haulover now it's a little cruise but we are on are way If you are new to my channel please Subscribe Hit that Subscribe botton Hit that little bell on the right to get notifications Still riding down Biscayne Bay No Wake so we got to go slow

Idle speed thought here very hard for me to not give it gas lol We got some people back there We got Joe, Michelle, Gladys and Yogi We are ready to have a good time where's Danny? Anybody seen Danny Duncan! lol Nobody seen him! No Danny Duncan around here! lol all right Wait Wait Wait I'll come over here Good job guys! This is how we roll baby! Florida Ski Riders! We ride as one! Miami Invasion! What up everybody yes we made it to Nixon Sambar we are halfway through the ride Were in Miami and this area is gorgeous cops are not happy with us But it is what it is lol Look at all the Jet Ski as you can see Yogi in the background Invasion is going very good! If you guys have never been to an Invasion you most come out! These places that we go to are amazing You're in Jun's World Hi just got finish peeing lol I get chills

You ever get chills when you pee? I do lol Oh God!! lol Shan Sharp We in Miami Jun"s World My homeboy Thats my other homeboy right there Captain Yogi Jun's World Like and Subscribe there we go! Whats up guys! look at joe looking sexy over on the jet ski you got the sexy pose going on lol what's up guys are yea enjoying the ride? Oh nice to meet you guys

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