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Boating in Miami, Florida : Stiltsville, Nixon Sandbar, Key Biscayne

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This video is sponsored by Rad Power Bikes Why are we at a marina? You might ask Well, today we are going sailing We're on a boat We are joining our friends Raul and Dany and we're going to explore the body of water just southeast of Miami Biscayne Bay We are taking off from the Matheson Hammock Park Marina and it is a little bit windy and choppy but I think we'll be OK It is a beautiful day other wise, and check out downtown behind the palm trees Yeah, a little choppy Hello everybody, today we are on a boat Out first stop is going to be Stiltsville Stiltsville nowadays is this sort of on the water ghost town On the northern border of Biscayne National Park, just south of Key Biscayne and it is pretty cool Actually it started during the 1920 and 1930 There used to be gambling outhere because it was legal a mile offshore and from the 1960's through the 80's it was very much a party scene out here In 1992 hurricane Andrew was the last nail on the coffin of what used to be Stiltsville and nowadays only seven structures remain, unfortunately most of them in ruins At the southern tip of Key Biscayne that's Cape Florida lighthouse, known to the locals as "El Farito" Fly pelican! We continue navigating on the Biscayne Channel now going towards the largest of the remaining seven structures And this is it

This is the house that used to be the Miami Springs Power Boat Club back in the late 50's This one doesn't seem as abandoned as the rest of the structures, and apparently you can even rent it We stop here to take a dip in the water and I even put on my new snorkeling gear but the fun didn't last long as the anchor didn't grab and the boat started drifting We continue navigating, now onto the gulf stream and it is really choppy out here Let's go back to port, and there's once again the Cape Florida lighthouse We should visit it some time When we return we'll swim at the famous Nixon Beach Sandbar, we'll fly the drone again and then dinner RadPower bikes is an electric bike manufacturer ofering direct to consumer pricing on premium electric bikes Because the sell directly to you the consumer you won't see the large retail markup that would be present if you were buying from a third party or a dealer ensuring you always get a performance e-bike at a fraction of the cost And this is where we're going, Nixon Beach Sandbar Apparently one of the most popular spots to hang out and party, right by the mouth of Hurricane Harbor and I hear it get pretty wild out here sometimes This was the site of a very sad accident back in 2014, where a man was killed by a boat's propeller The boat belonging to radio celebrity DJ Laz So, people, be careful out there Drink resposibly Onto a lighter note, we are trying to find a spot in the nice sandy area The water is not very clear, but the sand is fine, soft, and clean, very nice And why not? Let's pop the drone in the air

It is such a beautiful day here in beautiful Key Biscayne Well, that was a lot of fun but it is time to go But before we go we're going to cruise around Hurricane Harbor, and see all the lavish homes of the rich and famous It looks like a big party in that boat, several boats Our next and last stop is the No Name Harbor, and here we are Lets parallel park, or however it is called in maritime terms And here we are, Boater's Grill We begin with their signature sangria, some minuscule conch fritters, and the paella the paella looks and smells fantastic, and it tastes equally good We ordered a paella for 3, and it is plenty for the 4 of us Cuban coffee, you gotta have it after that Well, that paella was spectacular, if I may say so myself Right here at El Farito

What's the name of the restaurant? OK, so it's a the No Name Harbor, right here, and it's called Boater's Grill, I've been informed All good things come to an end and our fabulous day on the water is nearly over I hope you enjoyed it and back at the marina we are

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