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– Everyone comment below, Happy Birthday, WiWi! (cheering) ? I'll be waitin' ? ? Won't give up on you ? ? You ? ? I am waitin' ? ? Always waitin' for you ? ? You ? – Not click bait y'all Good morning, hunties and huncles

What's poppin? We are headed to Miami, ami, ami (upbeat music) – Okay, you gonna help me? Oh god, okay Hey ! Oh my god, look at this shit! Look at this shit, look at this shit Hey, hi babe How you feelin'? We in Miami! The birthday girl out here in her Burberry three piece, lookin fire as ever

Everyone comment below, Happy Birthday, WiWi! (cheering) – Sevyn in the building – Hey, how are you? – You're so cute, how are you? – I'm so amazing – You survived last night – I survived last night, barely – Barely, right? – Barely

I woke up this morning and they were like "Are you okay?" and I'm like barely – I'm barely there but we're out here We're in the yacht and we're about to We were at LIV last night and it was so fun We also went to one of Dave's restaurants called Komodo, I think, I can't remember what it was called but anyways, it was mad fun We're about to turn up right now Look at my lil' Miami outfit (uptempo music) – Damn this damn thing

– Pretty girl Sexy gal right there, takin a picture Oh my god, I wanna, where's Adam? I'm livin the life out here Yo, you have to take a picture right there (upbeat music) – A whole lotta booties goin hola

Hey y'all I did not know a booty was about to appear on the vlog I had no idea It just happened (upbeat music) What's up everybody? What a great day celebrating Winnie's birthday here in Miami

Love it Are they waving back? – [Latoya] Yes they are They're so small though Hey! Hey, whoa! You better get this shit Paparazzi showed up, you guys

(upbeat music) Back in the 6 We're back in Toronto, we're back home And Adam is in the dog house (dog barking) – I'm in the dog's– – You're in the damn dog house because you know what, you're talking crap about me in front of all these people– – [Adam] What dog house? – Listen, I'm gonna make a dog house As a matter of fact, I'm gonna purchase a dog house for you

'Bout, I don't pay my bills and all this kinda stuff – [Adam] She ain't gon pay – Yes, I am gonna pay, you act like I don't pay my bills The only bill that you– – [Adam] I pay all her bills – Hold on, the only– – [Adam] Y'all will get late bills

I'm telling y'all right now Late payments on 'em – What if I put a down payment? Okay, fine, yes you pay my bills, or whatever But like, you didn't have to blast me in front of the world like that But it's cool though, actually you can stay in this office

– I find this office very comfortable – [Latoya] Stay up in here Don't come in the room – Okay – [Latoya] So you're kicked out of the room

– But why'd you come– – I'm kickin his ass out – [Adam] As of when? – As of right now, you're out – Oh, you didn't have that same energy last night, though – I got what I wanted now I'm dippin' – Oh wow, user

– [LaToya] All right? – There was a whole lotta lovin' out there – [LaToya] Usin' you for that tail – For that tail? (laughs) Geez – [LaToya] Geez – Go get my kids

– Geez, anyway I'm about to go pick up the kids, you guys – [Adam] You wanna check out that social experiment too – Check out the social experiment when I pranked or when I social experimented on Adam talking about how I leased a $7,000 lambo– – [Adam] $7,000 a month – A month A $7,000 a month lambo

Do you think I would do some reckless-ish like that though? I'm not that out of my mind, right? – I pray that you don't Who knows – Anyways you guys, I am 'bout to sell my car I'm selling my car and I'm gonna purchase a new car out in the 8 What kinda car do you think I should purchase? Comment below

I'm looking at the Tesla SUVs They're so sick And I'll have the Lamborghini effects if I get the doors that open up I want like a all black I love black on black

Oh my gosh, yes What do you think? – I don't know, we'll see I don't really like Teslas like that – Yeah, he said the Tesla SUV looks like a minivan – Somewhat

I like the ones with the roofs that open The ones that don't have the roof kinda look– – Well I need a SUV, okay? I love SUVs, I love being up high Anyways Comment below, what kinda whip should we get Well, should I get, all right

– Zayn Say "Hi everyone" – Hi everyone – How you doin baby? – I'm just unpacking Ow, give me kissy

– Go vlog Samia real quick cause– – Samia Say hi to everyone – Hi – [LaToya] Did you miss the hunties and huncles? – Yeah – [LaToya] They missed you too

– [Adam] Samia had a lemonade stand goin' the other day I'm here with Samia She is very tired because she had a lemonade stand goin' on Let's go show them, Samia Show them your lemonade stand

Ain't that cute, y'all? Samia's lemonade store for fifty cents This is one of those things that remind you that you're getting old Number one was when I got a Costco membership I knew then I was gettin' old Number two is when you create a lemonade stand for your daughter

Y'all it's happening man Samia I love your lemonade store Can I try some? Can the hunties and huncles try some? – [Samia] I've got some – [Adam] Gimme some

Please Thank you – [Samia] I'm gonna get some too – Perfect – I have the best lemonade in the world

– [LaToya] It was so cute – Guess what you guys, so remember how Crystal and I got my phone fixed the other day? The screen was cracked, it was shattered Well it shattered again Zayn dropped it and then there was a little crack in it then Samia dropped it and it just shattered again So now I have to get it fixed again you guys

Story of my life Don't let your children use your phones, kay? – No comment – And she's on my phone Anyways And she's on my phone

I miss my babies They didn't miss us, they're just like on the iPads iPad kids – [Adam] Zayn did you miss me? – Yeah – Next time email me, okay? Can you email me? Okay, my email is, okay? Email me there, okay? – [LaToya] Zayn, give Daddy boom

– [Samia] Daddy but I don't have a phone – Yes you have a phone – [LaToya] Zayn, say goodnight – Say "Everyone, goodnight!" – Goodnight – Shout out to Winnie on her birthday

– Yeah shout outs to Winnie – It was great in Miami – It was lit, yes All right, love you guys (kisses) (hip hop music)

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